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My W600 almost stranded me today

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    I'm using that blue fuel stabilizer .Can't think of name but has something to do with enzymes?

    1975 W600


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      Today was an adventure. It is 20 degrees here in the middle of the day. Rarely gets this cold & then its only around dawn & for just a few hours. We have been below freezing since Monday afternoon. Five days below freezing is probably a record. It will get below zero tomorrow night, something that hasn't happened since 1989. May not get above freeing until next Friday, I don't think it has been this cold for this long in my lifetime.

      I primed the carb & fired the W600 up. Let it run about 2000 rpm by setting the throttle. It will not idle lower than this until the engine is warm. It took 10-15 minutes to get up to the bottom of the "normal" operating temperature. Still wouldn't idle without some coaxing or use of the throttle. I hopped in for a spin & to top off the tank. I made it to the closest redlight about 5 blocks away. It died at the light, I am out of practice using 2 feet to operate 3 pedals. I cranked a bit, no luck. Hopped out, waved traffic around, grabbed my little spare gas can that I smartly brought, popped the hood, climbed to bumper to splash in some gas (no breather), slammed hood, climbed back in while cussing & praying, hit the key & luckily got it going. I'm proud of my old battery. I should switch to duals like I had in my W200, just to have more time to crank.

      I drove it down to gas station, careful to not kill it. This would no be possible if not for the manual transmission. I set the throttle & left it running at the pump while I topped it off & one of my jugs too.

      The drive home went ok, this whole trip was maybe 2 or so miles, but at these temps I don't want to venture any distance that I can't safely walk.

      While at home it died again. And again I had to prime it to get it going. I tried monkeying with the carb. The idle mixture screws are stuck. I finally got one to turn while a set of pliers. Screwdrivers don't grip well enough. One thing I noticed was the the idle adjustment (throttle blades) is almost out of adjustment. I'm ready to toss this Carter BBD in the trash. I think it has lived its life. It is old & worn. My rebuild job probably isn't up to snuff either.

      My plan was to have this truck road worthy in case I need it for Monday's blizzard. But I do not trust it. I should have been addressing this all along, but between my job, life, money & dealing with my parents 125 miles away, it just didn't get done. My dad died of cancer 2 weeks ago. His life took priority over my carburetor issues.

      I did add some Star Brite Star*tron fuel treatment.

      I hate February. Always has. It's by far the longest month of the year.

      1975 W600


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        Last night we got an additional 7 inches of snow to go on top of the 7 we got Sunday/Monday. I knew my Astrovan wasn't going to cut it, so this morning I fired up the ol Dodge, after cleaning all that snow off the hood/roof/windows & splashing some gas in her. I let it warm up at fast idle for over 10 minutes, then hit the road. The choke was very important in today's operation. As the truck would speed up the wind through the radiator would lower the temp just enough to cause a few adjustments while driving. I never made it to 5th gear, city streets were just too bad to get up to 25-30 mph. I did shift the tcase into 4x4, which added some more noise to the equation. This thing is way past a lube job, the differentials, tcase & tranny all probably could use some oil. Shifting wasn't the best.

        Truck drove beautifully through the snow. Got a few thumbs ups too.

        I suspect my clutch is out of adjustment. Can't get into granny low without a fight, plenty of grinding. Reverse grinds too but is doable.

        I didn't trust this thing enough to kill it on either of the 2 stops I made on way home. I use the throttle to keep her at a fast idle. When I'm not aboard. Luckily with the heavy snow I can leave her running in neutral with worry of rolling away. Parking brake doesn't hold much.

        I topped her off with some 93 octane NON-ethanol gas ($3.29/gal). I didn't need the higher octane but that was the only gas that station had available.

        Tomorrow may be slicker so I might decide to drive it again.

        1975 W600


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          That is fantastic. I could hear and feel the truck as I read this. Thank you for sharing

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        Hey Bucky:

        it really sounds to time like you have a crappy carb and crappy gas.

        Firstly, I urge you to not only drain the tank, but also remove it and clean it out.

        Secondly, if this was my truck, I would replace the carb with a reman unit from a rebuilder with a high review rating. Or, a new, American-made unit. I can help you search, if you like.

        Here’s a thread on a Mopar site about reman carbs:


        PS: I reconditioned the original carb on my ‘73 and with the factory electronic ignition, it runs GREAT! If you still have your old carb, you can send it to me and I will recondition it if it’s not too worn or damaged, if you pay the shipping both ways and for the rebuild kit.


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          It's mostly the gas. Truck sat up too long. That 19 or so gallons of gas (ethanol) I put in it in November for first gas I had put in it in probably a year. I'm finally wising up & replacing that with straight gas. It'll be Summer before I try removing the tank. The carb is doing better. The last 3 times I started the truck I didn't have to prime it, just pump it several times, set the choke & hit the key. In the 10 degree weather I learned how to use the choke pretty good, know when to close it a bit & when to open it a bit. I had gotten used to Summertime where I leave it wide open as soon as the engine is running.

          I have been reading/studying/watching videos on ethanol & all those additives. Learned alot about how it attracts water, which turns into such a corrosive mess, particularly to rubber & aluminum.

          1975 W600