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    Thanks for sending all the pic's of your truck. I was studying a couple of pic's of the transmission area, (from above and below) and wonder about the pipe crossmember just below the trans. It appears to be about 1.5" in dia., and seems to just bolt to a mount at each end, at the frame. I can't see where anything else touches it. There is a heavy crossmember just behind it to carry the tailshaft of the trans, so I'm wondering, is the pipe a frame support member? It seems to be right under the supports for the cab. On all my trucks (power giants), this is the spot where the frame twists over time and allows the sheet metal gap between the leading edge of the door and the front fender to open wide at the bottom, tapering to a narrow gap up near the glass. This pipe cross member seems like it would support the frame nicely and stop that. Or, is it for some other application entirely?


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      I would think it supports the frame maybe someone else on here knows more about it?
      or being it has an auto that mount is used cause I'm guessing the manual trans bell housing would mount to the frame and that would not be used


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        Hi Eddie,
        Any updates on the W200?


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          Well I'm back.
          Still have the w200 and have not made much progress at all.
          Life really changed my direction but it's heading in a good direction now.
          I'm really looking forward to working on it.