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The WC53 Carryall thread .

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  • there are some interesting mods on this Carryall. Aluminum extended grill, fire wall heat shield, tube frame, coil suspension, air to a air intercooler. High pinion dana 60. There is a lot to like on this build.


    • Made a turbo silencer ring and then went on another camping trip. I think the silencer ring works tickety booh, at least my hearing thinks so. There is still a whistle that can be heard through the head phones but my ears do not ring after a trip. Seems to work just fine, I found out after I machined the ring that the new rings are made from aluminum and the old ones where stamped sheet. Seems what I made is darn close to what I tripped over on the internet ......AFTER..........I built this one.


      • oops here is the rest of the story
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          This meadow is over 6000 ft up the mountain. Not a bad spot to park a WC53 Carryall.


          • Back from a 1200 mile drive in the Carryall. Truck never went over 195 the whole trip. Second fan was never used. I changed the temp guage to an old style analog meter. I tested it before installation and it read 207 degrees when placed in boiling water. I stuck to driving by the tach - pretty much focusing on 2000 rpm on the hills. Lots of stuff happened on the trip, blew a connection during an emergency stop (locked up all the brakes at 50 miles an hour) and still ran over a dog that ran under the truck. This happened in the middle of no where, the owner came buy and said " its not your fault" No clue about the outcome. Things sure change in 50 years - the ice field highway was loaded with tourists and so was the campsites. Got off road a few times and that made for the best camping.

            Take care out there


            • Hello everyone!

              Just checking in. Been in bitland for a long time and thought I'd see what was going on in truck-world. Looks like Bruce has been having fun.

              Truck is -still- running. And leaking in the rain. I need to get this roof project going.

              -jim lee