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  • MS - that sucks, I thought you were on a upswing. Just enjoy every day and the bad ones tough out best you can. I have been through a long meat grinder that goes from one thing to another and there have been days that walking up the driveway pretty much does me in. And I said the same thing as you to my doctors 20 years back " I am 40 and have the energy of someone in their 70s that was 20 years ago. Right now I have an issue that I have not told anyone about, and will add it to the list at my next doctors appointment. The last year has been pretty good and I know I should be more pro active about getting out and exercising and what not, but at times the battle seems endless. That is why I am taking off this weekend. We need to get out more and learn how to play. Jim seems to have that down pretty good. You need to do something rewarding and silly with your Carryall, if at all possible. Please keep us posted and if you need a sounding board I am available and you can contact me via email. Too bad we are so far apart, a sounding board and bull poop session over a beer a walk or sitting in a cafe can take the edge off at times. Just do not let it grind you down, honestly I have been there, perhaps you will have the same good turns as me.
    Schedule 40 is great stuff, got a few parts on my carryall that are made with the stuff.

    Best regards
    thinking about you

    Now how on earth would you and I and jim get together for a weekend with our Carryalls???


    • Crazy engineering. How is this for gonzo, stupid, twit fab? What you are looking at is a 1/2 inch drive universal joint from what I think is a cheap chinese socket set. Everything is butt welded with wire ffed.


      • Matthew Welcher PWA
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        I would say a possible field expedient repair that turned into a more permanent solution. wow.

      • Desoto61
        Desoto61 commented
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        I have to both cringe and yet admire the inginuity and problem solving involved.

    • 12 volt fridge - has anyone used one? Whats your experience? I see ARB, Norcold, Engel and Domestic ones advertised but am not sure what to look for or what is pooh and what is well made.


      • I have a Norcold 60 is an older one with the steel casing..they are absolutely great....I think the norcold and Engel are the same thing.


        • We could always head east..
          -jim lee


          • Pulled the rear drive shaft today - not a simple job - long term I will have to make it easier to pull the shaft but to do so I will need to make a new emergency brake drum. I am tracing down a vibration and found some slop in the cardon joint universals. I may run the whole thing over to Pats drive line and get it checked out.
            I want to go to a military wrap for my front spring - I am taking the mains over to Vancouver and will see if I can get a set made - also looking for the plastic leaf spring wear pads.
            I destroyed a tire - never done that before - looks like there was something real sharp under the snow when I went off the road - shredded the inside of the tire and peeled off all the lugs on one side of the tire - its a real mess and is now the designated spare.