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Individuals, subscribers and non-subscribers, may run a free ad of up to 100 words in the Power Wagon Advertiser for Dodge 4X4 trucks for sale or wanted, Dodge 4X4 parts for sale or wanted, and Dodge 4X4 literature for sale or wanted. You may also advertise a Dodge 4X4 event.

Non-subscribers wanting a copy of the issue containing their ad must include $10 when submitting the ad.

The business ad rate is forty five cents per word, with a $15 minimum.

Placing a photograph in your ad costs $30 per photo, per issue. Example: running a photo ad for three months has a $90 total cost.

Photos may be good quality prints from a film camera, or you may submit high resolution digital images. Do not send low resolution digital images. Do not send prints made on ink-jet printers from digital images; they are unsuitable for reproduction. Send me an e-mail at if you have any questions about digital images and how to submit them.

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The internet is a great place to advertise, however, there is still a huge number of folks who do not access the internet. You will significantly broaden your exposure with an ad in print.

Be sure to word your ad as you would for any printed media, meaning the person may not have access to a computer to e-mail you. You may include an e-mail address if you wish, but be certain to list area code and phone, your first name, and an address is good, too. At least indicate your state of residence.

You may send a free ad every month, if you wish. You may specify an ad to run for up to three consecutive months, if you request that at the time of submission.

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or, mail your ad to:

Power Wagon Advertiser
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PO Box 530
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

Since I am running your ad for free, will you please do me a favor? Please do not type your ad in all capital letters. That will help me a lot.

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