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covers Dodge - military and civilian - 4X4 and 6X6 trucks. This includes editorial content, articles from subscribers, technical articles and materials, letters, and classified ads. There is also a bit of the philosophy that we can all share.

Since July of 1984, the Power Wagon Advertiser has been the glue binding Dodge all-wheel-drive truck enthusiasts together, across the United States, and all around the world. An ad may run for up to three consecutive months.

The magazine had been published monthly since July of 1984. It is the only magazine in the world covering Dodge 4X4's and other Dodge all-wheel-drive trucks exclusively. However due to time, content availability, and ever increasing costs of printing and postage the Power Wagon Advertise magazine is now online.

Premium forum users will have at there fingertips all of the content that was in the magazine. To place adds as a forum user and or commercial vendor you must be a premium forum user. If you are currently subscribed to the magazine your current subscription is good for 3 years of premium forum usage.

Any questions comments and or concerns please contact me at

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