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The Power Wagon Advertiser has promoted the Dodge all wheel drive truck hobby since July of 1984. The magazine experienced a slow evolution, starting with a typewriter, scissors, and glue, continuing with the acquisition of a computer, and in this more recent era, establishing apresence on the web.

In order to better provide Dodge truck enthusiasts worldwide with information and stimulation, Power Wagon Advertiser forums are being opened for your use, education, entertainment, and use as a serious research tool aiding you in the pursuit of your passion for Dodge trucks.

The central purpose of these forums is to provide for the exchange of information among owners and enthusiasts, to aid in acquisition, operation, repair and restoration of Dodge all wheel drive trucks, both military and civilian, beginning with those manufactured in 1940.

Owners with commercial and hobby interests have need for information, whether it be for educating the newcomer or assisting the veteran in resolving complicated problems. These forums, equipped with sophisticated search capabilities, will serve as an expanding database, or knowledge base. As the database of threads becomes more populated, there will be that much more depth for research. These forums will become looked upon as the place to go for answers to truck questions of all kinds.

As the forums are used, there may be evolution with regard to the numbers and content categories of forums. The number of forums currently in existence is the result of assumptions based upon patterns of interest displayed by enthusiasts and commercial owners.

Users are strongly encouraged to place their posts in the proper forum. This will enhance the possibility of other users performing useful searches at a subsequent time. Threads that are placed in the wrong forum will be moved to the correct forum, for the benefit of all those using the forums. There is a forum provided for exchanges of communication that are not relevant to the normal forums, so the content of subject specific forums is not diluted by off topic posts.

These forums are places where anyone can visit and feel comfortable. If you want your 70 year old mother or your nine year old kid to sit with you and read, they will be able to do so without encountering vulgar or abusive language, sexual content or images.

Every effort will be made to see that these forums are free of objectionable material. Any user who finds a post to be objectionable is encouraged to report it to this site's administration. Every effort will be made to respond to concerns as soon as possible.

Software features are in place to prevent the use of foul language. Any person or persons determined to be in violation of standards of decency will be barred from use of these forums. The administrators of this site reserves the right to edit or delete any post without notice or explanation.

These forums are driven by an application called vBulletin. It is a feature rich application. You may choose to use very few features, or you may decide to use many. No matter which path you follow, you will find it to offer a very user friendly environment; one that will yield many obvious benefits.

Once really nice feature is the mechanism that will send you an e-mail if there is a response to a thread to which you have been posting. This prevents the need for you to be frequently checking for new posts.

In the beginning, certain features of vBulletin will not be available until trends regarding usage levels can be identified. As a clearer picture of usage levels emerges, more features will be added.

Welcome to our facility, enjoy the varied truck subjects and make some new friends. We thank you for your patronage. Since this is a startup effort, there may be some questions to struggle with and some bugs to work out. Hopefully you will be charitable enough to be patient when we hit a bump in the road.

Have fun with it...

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Why Use These Forums

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