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covers Dodge - military and civilian - 4X4 and 6X6 trucks. The monthly magazine includes editorial content, articles from subscribers, technical articles and materials, letters, and classified ads. Each month there is a bit of the philosophy that we all share.

Since July of 1984, the Power Wagon Advertiser has been the glue binding Dodge all-wheel-drive truck enthusiasts together, across the United States, and all around the world.Classified ads of up to 100 words for Dodge trucks and related items or events are free to individuals. An ad may run for up to three consecutive months, if specified at the time of submission.

The magazine has been published monthly - without fail - since July of 1984. It is the only magazine in the world covering Dodge 4X4's and other Dodge all-wheel-drive trucks exclusively.

Subscription rate for a year (12 issues):
Domestic (US) subscriber: $49.75
Canada and Mexico: $82.50
All other countries: $92
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29th Anniversary special

New subscribers to Power Wagon Advertiser may order the 12 most recent back issues for only $40.

Another alternative for new subscribers is a package of 28 mixed back issues for $40.

Available to new, domestic subscribers only. Other countries inquire for pricing.

Measured in terms of cost per page of Dodge-specific content, Power Wagon Advertiser offers the best value to be found anywhere. It is all Dodge, every issue, period. The domestic subscription rate works out to $4.15 per issue. Try buying lunch for that amount of money.

Added benefit: Magazine subscribers get full access to the forum archives, which contain 85-90% of the forum content. Don't miss all the information that has accumulated since May of 2003.

Foreign subscriptions must be paid for online, or with a check for US dollars, drawn on a US bank, or a Canadian Postal Money Order. A sample issue is $5. Make checks payable to Power Wagon Advertiser.

Be certain to include your full name and the correct address to be used for the subscription. You may include an e-mail address if you have one.

Mail to:
Power Wagon Advertiser
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